There is no better way to remember the experience of your skydive in Nashville Skydiving to re-live it time and again with loved ones!

The video tells the tale, while the stills seize the moment. A seven minute video will be supplied to you in addition to a CD full of photos of your skydiving experience with Nashville Skydiving.

What type of video can I expect?

You can anticipate to get a 5 to 7 minute video, generated from digital footage taken from a camera during your dive, set to music, with controlled special effects and placed on DVD or VHS, whichever you choose. The movie is individualized along with your name in addition to the time of the skydive. We expect to film you on numerous occasions starting with your training in the planning area, along with your climb in to the airplane, the journey to elevation, leaving the plane, free-fall along with your safe landing back onto Nashville earth.

How long before the film is handled?

About an hour following your skydiving experience, your custom video will be given to you.

Is it okay for me to carry my own digital camera?

You can take cameras to the facility, but you might be too excited or busy to use it; we also can not take care of your camera during your actual jump. It may be very easily lost or broken. Besides, at an altitude of 2 miles above the ground and going at speeds at or exceeding 120 miles per hour you will definitely be far too distracted to take care of your camera!

How about my friends, can they take a video of me?

That is totally okay. Yes, they can. Your loved ones will have plenty of opportunities to take photos of you while they wait for your landing at our dropzone. There will definitely be opportunities to take close ups of you after the conclusion of your dive.

Is it possible for the videographer to videotape more than just one person or can someone else possibly share a video recording with me?

Negative. The length of time and distance gap in between exits stops a camera person from being able to record more than just one trainee per jump.

When it pertains to still pictures, exactly what can I anticipate?

High quality photographs of your skydiving experience with Nashville Skydiving. After your skydive above Nashville, you will be provided the DVD (and/or CD-ROM) captured during your skydive. Now that you have obtained the video and photo files outright, you have the option of making multiple copies and enlargements suitable for a variety of applications. Some applications may include greeting cards, post cards, business cards, posters, etc.

Should I inform Nashville skydiving that I would like a video of my adventure?

Of course. In order for us to provide the service that meets your needs, we may need to schedule extra staff. Let one of our skydiving specialists know that you will definitely want the video recording bundle and they will certainly be happy to reserve your videographer and answer every one of your concerns! Video production is provided on a first come first serve basis. Call Nashville Skydiving right now for more information, or to schedule your skydive!|Video is provided on a first come first serve basis, contact us to book your chance to record your experience today!|Media like a video production and stills work on a first-come first serve basis. For more details, call Nashville Skydiving.

Video is provided on a first come first serve basis. Call Nashville Skydiving today for more information, or to schedule your skydive!

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