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Graduates Of one or more of the following USPA Certified Training Plans are allowed to skydive for below $50! When you begin your education, you'll be checking out two qualified skydiving programs.

The following lists the two most prominent enhanced training courses available in the U.S..

The Seven Levels of Accelerated FreeFall Development

Level 2 - Learn the skills involved for body flight with two expert jump masters.

Level 3 - Your 2 jump masters continuously work with you. As soon as you have shown better flying skills, the Jump Masters will release the handles on your jumpsuit while continuing to be at your side. Now, you will begin to experience the thrill of rapid acceleration on your first solo freefall.

Level 4 - Now you simply have one jump master, and they'll be concentrated on training you 90 degree turns and forward motion.

Level 5 - This level carries on with training, with more controlled 360 degree turns and forward motion with 1 jump master.

Level 6 - Your jump master will aid you with your first solo exit. Now it's time to learn the really cool stuff-- delta tracking, freefall flips, and recovery are all taught in level 6.

Level 7 - One jump expert stays with you in freefall when you make a solo diving exit and display your recently obtained skydiving abilities. You have the option to take a professional video of this to present your friends.


The 7 Stages of Tandem Progression

Level 1 - Tandem Advancement functions a bit different-- in level one we emphasize teaching you the arch body posture, canopy control, and altitude awareness, along with some turning. When you go through this approach, you have a significant benefit-- your trainer is with you the whole time.Throughout your canopied descent, your instructor will provide you with a practical understanding of parachuting principles while you demonstrate the maneuvers.

Level 2 - Level 2 has to do with control-- regulating your landing, controlling your turns in mid freefall, and regulating your deployment of your main parachute.

Level 3 - Through this stage, you will gain a better understanding of regulated 360 degree freefall turns, forward movement and canopy deployment. Once you've accomplished level three, it's time to take the AFF course, starting at level 4.

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