Become a Certified Skydiver in Tennessee!

Graduate from one of our USPA approved training programs and skydive for under $50 thanks to Nashville Skydiving's certification program! Read below to get first hand info about the two most sophisticated training programs available in the United States.

The following explains the two most prominent advanced instructional programs available in the U.S..

The Seven Levels of Accelerated FreeFall Advancement

Level 2 - Now you have two dive masters who will exit the plane with you and teach you how to fly.

Level 3 - Your 2 jump masters constantly work with you. As you progress, and your flying capabilities enhance, your dive masters will release, but at all times be close by your side. You'll now experience the sensation of rapid speed on your very first solo freefall.

Level 4 - As your capabilities continuously strengthen, you will be getting to know "Heading Control" using 90 degree turns and forward movement, this time around with a single dive master.

Level 5 - This level proceeds with instruction, with more precise 360 degree turns and forward movement with 1 jump master.

Level 6 - Your very first solo exit with one jump professional close by your side. You learn more high level maneuvers as you leap out, and show delta tracking (gliding across the sky), freefall flips and recovery from pre scheduled unstable body positions.

Level 7 - One jump expert is with you in freefall when you make a solo jumping exit and show your freshly acquired skydiving skills. Video is always great to have on this jump, but it is an optional extra.


The 7 Levels of Tandem Progression

Level 1 - The most vital thing to learn-- how to deploy your parachute. Other tasks covered in level one? Canopy control, altitude awareness, and the arch body posture. The benefit of this particular method is that your trainer stays with you throughout the entire duration of the dive, from departure to freefall and landing.Throughout the canopy (parachute) section of your skydive, thetrainer will give you with a useful understanding of canopy procedures as you carry outthe maneuvers.

Level 2 - Level 2 has to do with control-- regulating your landing, controlling your turns in mid freefall, and managing your deployment of your main parachute.

Level 3 - During Level 3, you will be exposed to more advanced heading maintenance, controlled 360 degree freefall turns, forward motion while in freefall, and canopy release. From this place, you can transition into the AFF course -- don't stress, you enter at level 4, you don't need to begin again.

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