First Time Skydiver Prepare to enter the exciting world of skydiving!

Prepare to experience the awesome world of aerial sports, most importantly, skydiving!

Thanks for making the effort to experience what skydiving has to offer you. Our professionally trained staff will assist you in selecting the appropriate skydive experience that is perfect for you, provide the instruction necessary to complete the skydive, and stay your side all throughout its exhilarating entirety! Fly with us for the most exhilarating and exciting skydive experience in Tennessee.

Check out the available options for skydiving and embark on an adventure of a lifetime with Nashville Skydiving Either way, you will be instructed and accompanied by the top professional skydivers in Tennessee!

Your First Tandem Jump in Nashville

This approach is the most often suggested for new skydivers by the experienced team of professionals at Nashville Skydiving. Tandem skydives call for the least amount of training, typically less than an hour, and mainly are the safest. Your instructor will be with you through the whole entire skydive and parachute ride back down to the Nashville soil safe and sound As you soar at 10,000 to 14,000 feet above the gorgeous scenery of Tennessee, you will get to have an exhilarating 60 seconds of freefall as well as a parachute flight of between 7 to 9 minutes. Per your request, you can help your instructor to pilot the parachute to the ground for a real first-hand experience.

Skydive School in Nashville

In order to skydive on your own, it is required to become licensed in AFF (Accelerated Free Fall). Aff requires approximately 4 to 6 hours of ground instruction in the fundamental skydiving procedure. During the course of your first jump, you will be accompanied by two experienced instructors who will guide you through departure and freefall by making use of of hand signs. You will have the opportunity to launch your pilot canopy, which will release your main parachute. Once your parachute is released, you will (with radio support) control a solo canopy descent back to the dropzone.

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