There is no better way to remember your skydiving experience than to have it committed to digital thought, offering you, your friends and family viewing enjoyment that lasts a lifetime!

Everyone knows that video portrays a tale and photos capture moments in time! Our package deal will provide you with a seven minute DVD video with all the required music a special effects, as well as a CD containing stills of your skydiving experience.

What type of video can I receive?

A 5 to 7 minute video of your skydive, dubbed from a Digital camera on to a VHS tape or DVD with music. The video is customized with your name and date of your dive. We expect to film you on various occasions starting with your training in the planning area, as well as your climb in to the aircraft, the journey to altitude, leaving the airplane, free-fall along with your secure landing back onto Nashville earth.

How long might I wait to obtain the video?

About an hour following your skydiving experience, your customized video recording will be given to you.

Will I have the ability to bring my own video camera?

You are encouraged to bring your own camera with you and take pictures throughout your training, nevertheless, you will be too busy with your skydive to take care of your camera during your actual jump It can be very easily dropped or broken. You will be two miles over Nashville and will be free falling greater than 120 miles per hour-- you may be all too excited for you to even think about your camera.

Could I have my friends take video recordings or photographs of me?

That is completely acceptable. Yes, they may. Your family and friends will have plenty of opportunities to take photographs of you while they wait for your landing at our dropzone. They will also have the ability to take close-ups of you after your skydive.

Is it okay for the videographer to videotape more than just one person or can someone else potentially share a video recording with me?

Unfortunately No. As a result of constraints and the distance in between exits, a camera person will not be able to videotape more than just one person per jump.

When taking still images of my jump, what can I expect?

Fantastic high-quality images. As guaranteed, you will be given a DVD and a CD of video recordings and pictures of your skydiving experience. Since you will be offered high-quality video and picture stills, you can use them in media and for different applications. Some of these apps may feature greeting cards, post cards, and business cards.

Should I inform Nashville skydiving that I would like a video of my experience?

Yes, it is recommended that you inform us. In order for us to offer the option that fulfills your needs, we may have to schedule extra staff. Just make certain to consult with one of our skydiving experts if you want a video bundle and they will be more than happy to serve you. Video is provided on a first come first serve basis. Call Nashville Skydiving right now for more information, or to schedule your skydive! To request more information, contact us at Nashville Skydiving.

Video is provided on a first come first serve basis. Call Nashville Skydiving today for more information, or to schedule your skydive!

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